Beatrice & Woodsley

After twelve wonderful years of sharing meals and creating memories at Denver’s most enchanting restaurant, we’ve turned the final page of our beloved ‘Beatrice & Woodsley’ fairytale.

As a homage to what once was, the absolute dedication, the beauty, and the celebration and replenishment of our ever passionate lives. Please find below a brief glimpse into the experience we shared with our Denver patrons…

In the meantime, our journey is far from over; we’re thrilled to warmly invite you to dine with us at our globally-inspired, 100% plant-based restaurant, ‘Bang Up to the Elephant‘. A conscientious progression of our craft with new vibrant flavors while hidden within a sultry yet casual setting that combines the open outdoors with the comforting indoors.

Home within the mature tree-lined neighborhood of Capitol Hill, ‘Bang Up to the Elephant’ is a not-to-miss in Denver’s vibrant dining and cultural scene.

And so the story goes...

We created a restaurant that mirrors the story of two lovebirds; Beatrice, the life-loving daughter of a French winemaking family, who relocated to California in the 1800’s to create a small vineyard. And Woodsley, the handsome and crafty son of Lumberjacks-turned-Coopers, who provided barrels for so many of these new fledgling wine producers. Upon first sight, with youthful passion, Beatrice and Woodsley fell in love and quickly married.

Stirred by his new bride, Woodsley built a remote cabin amid the woods of the beautiful Colorado mountains. Built with skilled and loving hands, Woodsley constructed a strong abode complete with the day’s comforts and amenities —including a small wine cellar between the roots of the aspens. Life was lived with appreciation amongst the forest birdsong and the snow-capped peaks …happily ever after*.

*Though it likely took at least a few weeks by horse to get to their cabin, especially in a proper Colorado snow-bound winter 😉

History of the Design-

Inspired by the restorative qualities of food, drink, and setting, Beatrice & Woodsley was an original and complete creation by artist and restaurateur Kevin Delk. With a passion to bring the wilderness of the forest into the solitude of the city, a little poem from D.H. Lawrence informed the initial inspiration of the restaurant:

“Things men have made with wakened hands,
and put soft life into
are awake through years with transferred touch,
and go on glowing for long years.

And for this reason, some old things are lovely
warm still with the life of forgotten men who made them.

Thank you!

We appreciate our many years celebrating and imbibing with the many wonderful occasions and characters who chose to share their experience within our little South Broadway “cabin in the woods”. This time was a very special moment in the Denver dining scene when so many of us saw the city’s potential —and so many of us acted on influencing it into the life we so very much craved. 

Thank you for your friendships, collaborations, unions, and celebrations, this was truly an experience of inspiration. The experience of Beatrice & Woodsley was the culmination of so many hopes and dreams that represented what brought us into this dining passion to begin with: to reflect, restore and further our passions.

I always step into the shadows and encourage the set, setting, and characters to take precedent, but as I am no longer able to discreetly stop by your Beatrice & Woodsley table to thank you personally, I want to make sure I share this here: 

Thank you. I’m so appreciative of each and everyone of you who came into my life, found new friends (or lovers), celebrated,  found inspiration, —anything that allowed for at least one better moment for your life while sharing in my artistry and careful collaborations. Thank you so very much!
—Kevin Delk

All of us have to eat —but some of us choose to dine. 

Our Current Endeavors-

We have a romantic soft spot for the history, culture, and function of restaurants. Together, we contribute to their evolution as we strive to see them continue as places of personal restoration, social replenishment, and well-deserved relaxation. Join us at ‘Bang Up to the Elephant‘ as we continue to explore this ethos.

Bang Up to the Elephant’s namesake is derived from a Victorian-era phrase for “properly done”. This is reflected in every detail, from the spirited atmosphere to the thoughtfully prepared dishes, culminating into one of the more unique dining experiences in Denver.

Prioritizing the well-being of our life-sustaining oceans and land, ‘Bang Up to the Elephant’ serves 100% plant-based menus that are both fresh and considerately crafted. The restaurant’s lush ambiance embodies our passion for focused and always-evolving menus that are globally inspired. With adventurous spices and flavors, our ingredients are always vegan, fresh-from-scratch, and carefully sourced.

We look forward to you joining us!

Thanks for twelve beautiful years!

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Bang Up
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Unofficial Translation
Bang Up to the Elephant!

A special thank you to those who've participated in making something beautiful...

Pete List
Ryan Speights
Andrea Wagoner
John Skogstad
Ian Arreola

“Beatrice & Woodsley is easy to love.”

By Jason Sheehan, Westword

November 20, 2008

“To dine at Beatrice & Woodsley is to become part of a narrative, one that extends to the food.”

December 16, 2014